Tuesday, 16 February 2010


Just home from a brilliant busy day, a really great photoshoot.
I can't go into much detail yet, not until after the launch next week, but suffice to say it was a first....

There was a fabulous crew on board, everyone was so lovely and supportive.
Usually I don't feel particularly nervous ahead of photo shoots, I've been modelling for over 14 years, but this time it was different. It is a first and as I was getting ready in hair and make up, the potential of this shoot really struck me ; another small step towards inclusion and representation of disability. I hope the images challenge a few misconceptions about disability; it's been a long time coming.

More to come next week....


  1. I saw you in Italian news last Friday (26th)!

  2. Hi Shannon,you look fantastic in your shoot.You are truly one of the worlds most beautiful women.I have never heard of you before and I stumbled across an article regarding your new position with Debenhams.Congratulations.You are absolutely stunning.