Saturday, 6 March 2010


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  1. I made a random purchase of the Independant two weeks ago to help me with some research for my studies. I opened it up & who did I see on page 3 ? A racy brunette lying across the floor with her legs up on a wheelchair.
    I didn't even have to start reading the article to find out who this striking young woman could be.

    I instantly knew it was you and the secret photoshoot you previously posted about and what a most pleasant surprise it was too.
    So is this the effect you are now having on people ? Are you fast becoming a recognisable name and face (outside of disability circles ) ? and perhaps more importantly - are you finally being recognised in the mainstream for the right reasons in a way that you want to and feel comfortable ? I'd say so.
    If you carry on as you are at the moment, you could well be one of the most socially important people this year.

    And I hope you do carry on and this is not a one off (and you can prove Andy Warhol wrong too). I hope this does lead to more work for you (and other disabled models as well). It's also very important you get work from the big well known names & brands too. I take my hat off to Debenhams. Little point if your phone is going to ring more often but only to advertise disability related products/ services (not that is a bad thing off course) I don't think you and others have worked so hard over the years for equal recognition only to get regular work for things that few in society will ever see. I think you feel isolated after a while. Don't get me wrong, niche markets are good and have their place but I think what your doing is absolutely necessary for the mainstream and about time too. Don't stop now, its all too easy for this to be something of the moment that although great, could only be temporary- however you, me, everyone really, I think we can all get together & do something to make a difference and make this permanent . Hell I even posted it on my facebook status last week & got some feedack too (I hope you don't mind ..!)
    So If disability is to be represented on a grand scale then it's crucial we see more of you on the high street, billboards, big glossy mags, newspapers, public transport, TV etc. Your mission will be much more successful if you target and change the attitudes of millons rather than thousands as off course you already know and are doing. Well done on this
    & I'll be looking out for you, good luck :-)